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Meet The Chef

Executive Chef Buğra Keleş

One of the first faces that will greet you with a smile from the open kitchen at Fuego will be that of Executive Chef Buğra Keleş. With vast and varied culinary credentials , Chef Buğra Keleş brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Fuego, something that is evident in his cooking techniques and the enchanting food that diners just can't get enough of.

With an unwavering penchant for cooking from the heart, Chef Buğra Keleş food entices all the Latin soul that you would anticipate from a gourmand whose culinary career has seen him work for some of the most prestigious restaurants all over the world. He is loyal and respective to authentic ingredients and cooking techniques whilst ensuring that every dish that leaves the Fuego kitchen embodies his passion, flair, skills, and personality. 

To eat food prepared by Chef Buğra Keleş is a call to evoke memories of your most favourite and meaningful dinners with your loved ones. Being at the helm of Fuego allows Chef  Keleş to create classics for a contemporary crowd. The effort that goes into preparing his food is astounding. Homemade empanada dough-to-filling takes up to eight hours, whilst sourcing of meat is of the highest level as the juiciest rump steak and slow-braised short ribs grace the tables at Fuego. 

Whilst the menu and atmosphere at Fuego is unparalleled, it's Chef Keleş charming character that creates a wonderful and inviting dynamic. At Fuego, you'll get more than just food, you'll also find nourishment for the heart and soul!